After more than forty years of service and experience, LifeMoves knew that in order to continue to meet the needs of its community, it needed to evolve, embrace technology and improve its operational efficiency.

The Challenge

Break the cycle

LifeMoves is committed to breaking the cycle of homelessness in Silicon Valley. The organization wanted to find new ways to attract and retain talent, hit its fundraising goals and create a business model that felt sustainable in light of today’s fast-moving, data-driven world. The stakes were too high to fail. The organization needed an impact strategy, a set of tools to implement and a partner it could depend on.


Position for success

Pivot’s three-step process begins with discovery and proceeds through a rigorous design phase before arriving at a place where it can achieve its greatest impact. In order to position LifeMoves for success, we began with a phase of observation and investigation, allowing the organization to highlight its strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement. Alignment was next, followed by the creation of a customized two-year blueprint that provided the nonprofit with the guidance it needed to achieve its goals. Pivot remained in the trenches with LifeMoves, helping to ensure the blueprint was implemented and no stone was left unturned.


A strategy and program for the future

LifeMoves embraced a comprehensive and strategic theory of change, investing in a codified program model, improving its organizational core competencies and implementing a performance management database. Today, the nonprofit is better positioned than ever to impact the lives of its clients, raise new revenue to support its program design and attract and retain high quality staff.

Andrew partnered with us to develop and implement our Theory of Change. He embedded with staff for a year as the inaugural Director of Impact and Learning, and helped us become more disciplined and intentional in how we deliver services, and monitor the performance of clients, programs and staff. During the two years we worked with Andrew he was more than a consultant, he was a colleague and thought partner.
arrow-right Bruce Ives, CEO, LifeMoves