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When opportunity knocks, Pivot!

3 Steps to greater impact

How does Pivot make good on its promise? Our three-step process constitutes a journey. It begins with discovery, proceeds through a rigorous design phase, and arrives at a place where your organization can achieve its greatest success.

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    Identify the opportunity
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    Create the Custom Plan
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    Make it happen

It’s time to dig in! The journey begins with detailed, informed analysis. Before we do anything, we need to hear from you. It’s about knowing what to look for and asking the right questions. When you dig in, you may get a little dirty, but you’ll also invariably uncover key nuggets of wisdom your organization can use to improve and thrive. At Pivot, we don’t see negatives. We see opportunities. We know what it’s like to stand in your shoes, and can help you blaze a trail to a brighter, more impactful future.

The Action:

Review of pertinent documents, data and reports. Interview staff, board members and community stakeholders to comprehensively assess your organization’s strengths and opportunities in areas such as: learning and accountability, internal communication strategies, and talent pool.

The Deliverable:

A comprehensive assessment that highlights organizational trends, and identifies strategic opportunities to improve alignment, enhance performance management, optimize talent, and create more efficient impact.

The Timeframe:

Engagements vary. Typically 4-6 weeks.

Based on the comprehensive assessment, we’ll craft a customized, carefully calibrated plan that will transform challenges into solutions, channel observations into action steps, shore up all facets of accountability, and set your organization on the pathway to being the best.

The Action

Turning analysis into action.

The Deliverable:

A customized plan for success that will guide you through implementation of strategic priorities, operational and performance management enhancements, technology upgrades, and talent development initiatives.

The Timeframe:

Engagements vary. Typically 6-8 weeks.

This is the fun part. Now that we’ve established how to proceed, and who will make that happen, we can get down to the business of being great. Pivot remains engaged as you look to make your vision a reality. We’ll stand with you during implementation to ensure your organization meets its goals. Tangible, sustainable results – that’s what we’ll achieve.

The Action:

Setting it in motion. Making it stick.

The Deliverable:

A tailored, specific work plan and learning agenda to support ongoing efforts to reach efficient and meaningful impact, and a partner that stays until the work is done.

The Timeline:

Whatever it takes! Let’s decide together.

Real stories of organizational change

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We wanted to shift our evaluation and impact work from being focused on programs to being a central hub for organizational performance. Andrew was instrumental in making this shift a reality. He embedded with us for a year. He built a new team from the ground up, worked across sites and departments, and pushed our thinking at the national leadership level. Plus… he makes the work fun!

arrow-right Elissa Salas, CEO , College Track